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Best Rangefinder Bowhunting – Nikon Archer’s Choice MAX Laser Rangefinder

Has Nikon introduced the best rangefinder bowhunting features with the all-new Nikon Archer’s Choice MAX? Its a bow-hunter’s rangefinder specifically designed and engineered for around the world bow-hunting situations.

Best Rangefinder Bowhunting – Active Brightness Control Viewfinder

Nikon’s all-new Active Brightness Control Viewfinder permits fast reads against almost any background and also in any challenging lighting conditions. Furthermore, professional bow-hunters helped with the designed this versatile Nikon Archer’s Choice Max. It is a bow-hunting rangefinder for any kind of environment.

Performance In Bright Light

The newly designed LCD gives sharp contrast and readability in brighter conditions with any type of backgrounds. The enhanced optics also together give enhanced light transmission through the viewfinder.

Performance In Poor Light

The rangefinder automatically turns on the orange LED illumination in dark conditions. The red liquid crystal characters optimize brightness for maximum visibility. The characters also automatically adjust their brightness as needed for optimal contrast.

Nikon’s advanced ID Technology

Nikon’s advanced angle compensation ID technology calculates the true horizontal distance to the target. Furthermore, It can do this for various incline or decline shooting angles up to 89-degrees. The Nikon Archer’s Choice Max is quick and simple to use. Angle compensated distance is displayed when you aim and push the button. The clean, uncluttered display gives you the important range you plan for your shot. The Archer’s Choice MAX is both fast and accurate in target acquisition. Also, the rangefinder has a 28% larger ocular and 23% wider field of view compared to previous models.

Nikon’s Tru-Target

Nikon’s Tru-Target is the name of their target priority system. It also provides an option to choose between two settings, First Target Priority or Distant Target Priority modes. This is one of the best rangefinder bowhunting features needed by a bow hunting

Nikon Archer’s Choice Max Optics & Weatherproofing

The rangefinder features Nikon’s legendary multi-coated optics for maximum light transmission and also clarity. Importantly the rugged durable body is also waterproof and is gassed filled to provide fog proofing. The rugged body is durable, pocket-sized and lightweight for portability. Also, for real stealth bow-hunting, a silent technology case is also included.


  • Five- to 200-yard measurement range
  • 0.1-yard increment reading
  • 0.1-increment reading in ID mode
  • m/YD viewfinder display
  • 6X magnification
  • 7.5 (real) and 43 (apparent) angular field of view
  • 18.3-millimeter eye relief
  • 21-millimeter objective diameter
  • 3.5-millimeter exit pupil
  • 4 diopter adjustment
  • Measures 2.9 by 1.6 by 4.6 inches (W x H x D)
  • 6.9-ounce weight

Our Verdict

This really is a top quality archery rangefinder with many positive user reviews on Amazon. Also, the Active Brightness Control system is very flexible and offers readings in low light conditions, that would not be possible many competitive rangefinders. We like the size and the waterproofing. Also, the gas filling should help anti-fogging.

Nikon’s Tru-Target and Nikon’s advanced angle compensation ID technology are also among the best rangefinders features needed by a bow hunter.

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