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BowHunting RangeFinder – Bushnell The Truth ARC 4×20 Clear Shot


Is this the best bowhunting rangefinder? This new “Truth Clear Shot” rangefinder from Bushnell has an extended range up to 850 yards. Like the older model, the effective range for deer spotting is 200 yards. While the sighting out to the maximum range will depend as usual on the size and reflectivity of the target.

Compensated Range

The “Truth clear shot” version extends the original versions angle corrected reading from 99 out to 199 yards. Over this range, the Truth is only capable of line of sight readings.

Why only 4x Magnification

The Truth has a 4x magnification which is lower magnification than most archery style rangefinder currently available. Higher magnification gives more precision at longer ranges. But at closer ranges, lower magnifications give more field of view. This benefits the archer to quickly acquire targets at ranges of 50 yards or less. So, in this case, the 4x is suited to the rangefinders intended purpose as a bow hunting range finder.

Bow Mode Settingbow mode

The new Truth rangefinder, when set in bow mode, retains Bushnell’s ARC (Angle Range Compensation) feature. Normally, when the user ranges a target with the ranging button, the display shows the line of sight reading only. Continuing to hold down the power/range button for two more seconds also displays an angle compensated reading and angle (in degrees) below the line of sight yardage.

Ease Of Focus

Focusing is easy and good. A few twists of the eyepiece and you’re fully focused on a crisp and clear image. The focus knob turns with just enough resistance to keep from accidentally moving it, but smooth enough to make the rangefinder easy to use.

Whats Good About The Bowhunting Rangefinder Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm


At the close ranges that most archery hunting takes place, the 4x magnification is a good option for quickly picking up targets and for following moving targets. While this magnification will likely limit its effectiveness at the longer ranges it’s rated for, The Truth is above all an archery rangefinder and is one of only a few rangefinders currently available with 4x magnification.

Angle Compensated

Also, If you bow hunt from a treestand, for example, the angle compensation feature can make the difference between a hit and a miss. Except, however, for rifle hunting is some very steep terrain the average rifle hunter is unlikely to benefit from angle compensated readings.

ClearShot technologybowhunting rangefinder

The Bushnell’s ClearShot technology provides instantaneous feedback on your shot clearance. It helps hunters the ability to no longer worry about clipping branches or hitting other obstructions in the arrows flight path. And with a simple three-step process, you can calibrate the rangefinder to correspond with the speed of the bow through the sight system. When done and the target is ranged, a dot is displayed to show the max height your arrow will travel.


Ranging Performance 7-850

  • Magnification x Obj Lens: 4x 20mm
  • Sizes: in/mm 1.4 x 3.8 x 2.9 / 36 x 97 x 74
  • Weight: oz/gr 6.0/170
  • BatteryType: 3-Volt CR 2 (incl.)
  • ClearShot Technology: Yes
  • CONX Technology: No
  • ARC Modes: Bow
  • Targeting Modes: ClearShot
  • E.S.P. 2: No
  • Rain-Guard HD: No
  • Water/Fog Proof: No
  • Range: yds7-850Reflective
  • Ranging Performance: yds850
  • Tree Ranging Performance: yds600
  • Deer Ranging Performance: yds200Rangefinder Accuracy:+/- 1 Yard
  • Rangefinder Accuracy:+/- 1 Yard
  • Price Versus Performance
  • Carrying case, battery and neck strap included
  • Pocket-size ergonomic design

The Truth currently sells for a good price for a rangefinder that is capable of giving angle compensated readings out to 199 yards. Most rangefinders at this price point generally feature a 6x magnification and they only measure line of sight distance. These rangefinders are therefore better suited as a general purpose entry level budget rangefinders.

2 Year Warranty

The “Truth rangefinder”  has a two-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Many archery rangefinders only have a one-year warranty.  Even so, it appears the owner is responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Whats Bad About The Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm

No Target Priority

The “Truth rangefinder” doesn’t have the Brush and Bullseye target priority modes found on other Bushnell models. Target priority is a good feature for dealing with split readings to handle situations when the unit receives the range to two objects on a single push of the button. Most archers prefer a rangefinder that will ignore the closer of the two objects, often branches or brush, and report only the distance intended target. Some other models in this price band do offer this feature.

Screen clutter – Too Much Info?

The device displays the LOS (line of sight) distance directly under the reticle’s crosshairs. In the hold down operation,  the angle of the shot and the angle compensated distance are also displayed below LOS reading. These three numbers could create potential confusion selecting the right number to the target in fast pace field situation. It tends to create distracting screen clutter, especially at longer distances. The angle measurement is likely only to interest long range shooters but this is primarily a bowhunting rangefinder.

Light Gathering Capability And Weather Proofing

The Bushnell The Truth ARC 4x20mm Bowhunting Rangefinder with Clear Shot displays a very bright image regardless of the lighting conditions. It provides consistently bright and clear target images, but the readout is very difficult to read in low light conditions. There is no manual adjustment feature for screen brightness. Also, this rangefinder is not fog or waterproof but for a budget device this can be expected.

Our Verdict

For a budget bowhunting rangefinder, the Bushnell 202442 Truth Clear Shot does pack a punch with its low magnification, angle compensation and clear shot features. Its lack of a target priority function and screen clutter could put some people off. But considering this is one of  Amazon’s top ten selling rangefinders it appears people love this bow hunting range finder. Because of these features, the Truth Clear Shot rangefinder is ideally suited to the bow hunter.