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SIG KILO 2000 Review – Best Hunting Rangefinder

In this Sig Kilo 2000 review, we explain how this rangefinder represents a challenge to the classic big name optics brands like Leupold, Nikon, and Bushnell.

Sig Sauer, have followed Vortex breaking into the optics market. They now also produce a selection of quality rangefinders, riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars.

Also as a firearms manufacturer, Sig Sauer brings a lot of expertise, technology and manufacturing skills which is also reflected in their product lineup. Sig Sauer was smart and used their position as a newcomer to their advantage by seeing what was working and learning what features hunters and shooters wanted in a rangefinder.

Sig Sauer cleverly examined the market place and also collected data on what features hunters and shooters used and sought in a rangefinder. Also, armed with this knowledge they integrated the latest technology and manufacturing skills and started from scratch. They penetrated the market with rangefinders with higher spec features, components and technology. In this new Sig Kilo 2000 review we show how it overshadows the competition.

SIG KILO 2000 Review

The main development aim with the Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 was extreme accuracy, speed as well as ease of use. 
 Its HyperScan mode allows fast-tracking of moving targets. The scanning field is updated 4 times per second.  In HyperScan mode, the rangefinder is stunningly quick to resolve targets. Sig Saur says it can range reflective targets up to 3400 yards, trees up to 1500 yards, and deer up to 1200 yards. It has a built-in inclinometer which produces angle modified ranges for angled shots.

The proprietary Lumatic OLED Display™ has 20 automatic settings and adjusts display intensity to match ambient light conditions. Also, to protect your eye and for target clarity, the display will be progressively bright in bright conditions and dim in poor light. The program settings allow you to override this feature for manual adjustment if needed.  The Sig Sauer KILO 2000’s simplified display and user interface only provide necessary information without clutter.

Settings and Programming

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 rangefinder comes with 7x magnification and uses a red, uncluttered OLED display. These default settings are suitable for most users to use straight out of the box.

  • display brightness set to auto
  • the AMR angle compensated mode on
  • distances reported in yards
  • the targeting mode set to “Best”

It’s easy to change these SIG KILO 2000 settings:

Display brightness can be switched from auto to one of the nine manual settings. The AMR (angle modified range) angle compensation mode can be switched to LOS (line of sight) mode. And display range can be set to read in yards or meters. The “Best” target priority mode can also be switched to “Last” target priority mode.

This Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 rangefinder comes with a CR2 battery and nylon case as standard.

Red OLED Display

In automatic mode, the red OLED display automatically adjusts brightness between one of 20 brightness settings depending on the available light conditions, detected by a built in sensor. Most people would be happy with the default auto mode. To give people with different eye sensitivity to light there is a nice to have manual override feature. Users who want more or less brightness control can also select from one of the nine manual brightness settings.

Ranging Features

  • enhanced 7x magnification range performance
  • 3400 yards maximum range on reflective targets
  • 1500 yards maximum range on trees
  • 1200 yards maximum range on deer
  • Range over a mile with results displayed to the nearest 1/10th yard
  • Revolutionary Lightwave™ DSP technology ranges faster at longer 
distances with increased accuracy.
  • In scan mode, it refreshes at an ultra-fast 4 times per second.
  • Lumatic OLED Display™  continuously monitors light conditions to adjust the display brightness automatically
  • AMR™ (Angle Modified Range) compensation gives true shooting range correcting  line of sight range and shot angle
  • Multi-position twist-up eyecup provide a custom-fit for each user perhaps wearing glasses
  • Dependable waterproof (IP X-4) and fog-proof performance
  • Lightweight magnesium body and a compact form
  • Multi-position twist-up eyecup provides a custom-fit for each user

So Sig Saur, has set the new standard showing how far it will it range. Sig made sure the Kilo 2000 stands out with a 3400-yard maximum range on reflective targets, 1500 yards on trees, and 1200 yards on deer.  Also bear in mind all rangefinders have practical ranges which vary depending on a variety of factors. (see here for factors affecting range). This Sig rangefinder has outclassed most all current commercial rangefinders and most high priced rangefinder binoculars and at a price point under $400.

The Warranty

The warranty has 2 parts one for the optics and one for the electronics. The Sig Sauer Infinite Guarantee covers the optics. Also, you don’t need a warranty card or receipt and it’s a transferable unlimited lifetime guarantee. A 5-year limited warranty covers the electronics against defects in workmanship or materials. So we think this guarantee is better than most competitors warranties, which typically range from one to two years.

Missing Feature – No Tripod Mount

sig kilo 2000 reviewThe Sig Kilo 2000 is a modern lightweight compact rangefinder and is suitable for hunters that want a small rangefinder they can carry in a pocket or on a belt. But unfortunately, the Sig Kilo 2000 lacks a tripod mount. With the enhanced 7x magnification range performance of this device, we think that’s an omission. You can also buy an tripod adapter sleeve to compensate for this but that’s extra cost at around  $80.

SIG KILO 2000 Review Summary

The Sig Kilo 2000 rangefinder has cracked the established order in the market place. Sig is adding a real alternative and credibility as an optics company. So this Sig Sauer kilo 2000 review demonstrates how simple, fast and accurate this rangefinder is. Also compared to the competition, at the time of creation, it is the most accurate laser rangefinder you will find at the price. It is also capable of ranging over a mile with accuracy to 1/10 of a yard and at super speed. It’s an ideal rangefinder for hunters, archers, golfers and competitive shooters.

Sig has brought their high standard firearms manufacturer skills while also using quality state of the art components like an OLED display, electronics and magnesium housing. Also, hunters and shooters alike will be content because of the angle compensation feature. The target priority with minimum screen clutter, speed, accuracy and also the ease of programming set up make this rangefinder stand out.

Also, The Sig Kilo 2000 ranging capacity exceeds nearly all common vertical or horizontal rangefinders. It even out performs many of the high-priced rangefinder binoculars. So with all the included features its hard to find a rangefinder like this for the price. That concludes our SIG KILO 2000 review and is our first choice for best buy hunting rangefinder.

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