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Cheap Hunting Rangefinder – Lions w600 Review

Is this the best cheap hunting rangefinder? We’ve been looking at inexpensive range finders that could be used for mid range shooting and also for archery. The Lions W600 has had many favorable reviews and features in Amazons top 10 best sellers. It’s no surprise it is selling so well with this budget price.

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The easy to read LCD display acquires a measurement quickly and clearly. It’s also a compact design and is small enough to fit in a cargo pocket and the magnetic pouch offers great protection. It has 2 buttons and 2 modes of operation. The modes are distance and speed. In the speed mode, the range finder can also track the speed of a moving object. In the other mode, it measures range.

Furthermore, using one of the buttons it’s easy to switch between units of meters and yards. The LCD readout is very simple. It just shows the distance in meters or yards. The battery is a CR2 3 volt which is not so common but should be easy enough to find at Walmart or  Amazon.

It comes with a well-made nylon case that has a magnetic snap fastener that is easy to open and close, but not so loose that the range finder could fall out of the pouch. The carrying case has a loop for attaching to your belt and also a carabiner for snapping on a backpack.

The cheap hunting rangefinder is also very easy to use, literally just use it like a scope and look at whatever you want to range. Click the power button once to turn it on, and a 2nd time to give you the range in meters. The display also automatically times out after a few seconds to save battery. Many users have claimed good results, on sightings out to 300 meters. But as we know readings at greater distances depends on the prevailing light conditions, the size and reflectivity of the target.  But a nice feature is the tripod mount so this could be very useful for rifle shooting. The 6x magnification makes it a mid range archery and shooting rangefinder.

Cheap Hunting Rangefinder – lions w600 Specifications Reviewcheap hunting rangefinder

  • Distance – 5 to 600 yards
  • Measurement Accuracy:±0.5m (<400m); ±1m (400m-1200m)
  • Speed – 20 to 300Km/h
  • Angle – 60° to -60°
  • Laser Wave Length – 905nm (Class 1 laser product)
  • Magnification – 6x
  • Weather Proofing IPX5
  • Depth 1.69″
  • Height 5 “
  • Width 3.15″
  • Weight 8.47 oz
  • Exit Pupil Diameter 3.7mm
  • Eyepiece size – 16mm
  • Object lens – 22mm
  • Field Angle – 7.5°
  • tripod mount
  • Operating temperature – 32°f – 122°f

Also, Included is the following…

  • CR2 3v lithium battery
  • Magnetic latch storage\carrying case
  • Wrist strap
  • Micro Fiber cleaning cloth
  • User manual.


Wosports W600 has a rugged plastic body which is IPX5 water proof. And this means it will be protected from water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against the enclosure and also from any direction with no harmful effects. It offers good basic functionality but also does exactly what it says on the tin. There are also many positive end user reviews. And the fact this is in the top ten Amazon best selling rangefinders we are inclined to agree that the Lions w600 cheap hunting rangefinder is one of the best hunting rangefinders for the price.


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