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Best Golf Rangefinder Bushnell Pro X2 Range Finder Review

Is this the best golf rangefinder? We really think the Bushnell Pro X2 is best in class from a top brand.  The Bushnell brand is preeminent in the rangefinder marketplace and this flagship product shows you why.

The Bushnell Pro X2 incorporates state of the art technology in a compact rubber armoured metal housing. It’s fully waterproof body gives serious golfers the performance they need from a golfing rangefinder in all weathers.

What Makes The Best Golf Rangefinder?

Dual Display Technolgy

Bushnell Pro X2 Range Finder Review DUAL DISPLAYBushnell rangefinders are typically very easy to use and the X2 is no exception. The X2 also has (DDT) dual display technology, which makes viewing the display numbers easier to see in any lighting condition. Just press of the Mode button and DDT switches between a bright red vivid display or a sharp black display. This option is a great feature, giving users better clarity of information in changing lighting conditions.

Pinseeker with JOLT technology

Vivid Red Display Option For The Bushnell Pro X2 Range Finder ReviewThe Pinseeker targeting technology gives user perfect confidence that they have indeed correctly ranged the distance to the flagpole. It is able to discriminate between the flag and any background objects like trees even where the background objects are relatively close to the flag. The user is given feedback when locked on the flag by vibrations of the body. This is also the signature Bushnell ‘jolt’ feature.

Slope compensation technology

This is Bushnell’s angle compensation feature. It allows for shots with large angle both up and down hill. It gives the true horizontal distance to the target which will help the golfer choose the right club.

Bushnell Pro X2 Range Finder Slope switch on the side of the housingAlso, If you’re playing a course on the side of a hill this rangefinder slope feature can be a great help. Players competing in USGA tournaments may use this slope compensation feature to mark their yardage cards in practice rounds. Having the ability to disable the slope technology with a simple switch also renders the X2 an acceptable legal device in tournaments.

The X2 Slope Switch

The Pro X2 slope switch is unique among competitors. You may flick a switch on the side of the device to move between the two modes. This makes it a quick and easy operation while giving the golfer the benefit of both modes at the flick of a switch.

Display Indicators

The Pro X2 display incorporates the following illuminated indicators:

  • PinSeeker™ Indicator
  • Aiming Reticle
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Active Laser
  • Distance Displayed in Yards/Meters
  • Slope Compensated Distance
  • Battery Indicator Blinks – Battery needs to be replaced

Bushnell Pro X2 Specifications

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Obj. Lens: 21 mm
  • Dimensions: 1.5x4x3 inches
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Battery Type: 3-Volt Lithium (CR-2) included
  • Display: Dual Display Technology
  • Range: 5-1300 yards; 450+ yards to Flags
  • Ranging Accuracy: 1/2 yard
  •  Water Proof: Yes
  • Eye Relief: 16mm
  • Exit Pupil: 3.5mm
  • Optical Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
  • Built-in Accessory Mount: No
  • Field of View: [email protected] yds

What We Like About The Bushnell Pro X2 – The Best Golf Rangefinder

Ease of  use – durability – weatherproof – 2 colour display modes – slope switching

Bushnell Pro X2 Range Finder with compact easy gripThe Pro X2 is a very ergonomic, compact, quick and user-friendly rangefinder. Its shape accommodates a comfortable grip. Also, the rubber-coated metal casing offers protection if knocked or accidentally dropped. Being 100% waterproof makes this a real professional piece of kit, that can be used in any weather conditions. The Pro X2 also features stable-grip technology, which makes it easy to operate with less shaking of the hands, as it retrieves accurate yardages quickly.

The easy on/off  Slope mode switch makes is really convenient to switch mode. There is no need to change attachments like on older Bushnell models. Furthermore, the two colour display options (vivid red or sharp black colour) make it easier to read the display. This gives the golfer a choice to maximise visibility in different lighting conditions. When you combine these display features with 6X magnification The Pro X2 provides a clear and crisp display.

Pin point Accuracy and Jolt locking confirmation

The Pro X2 also gives an astonishing ½ a yard accuracy. It ranges from 5 –  up to 1300 yards while ranging flags up to 450 yards. The Pinseeker JOLT technology ensures that the golfer has a genuine distance reading to the pin, giving extra confidence in club selection. Also, when the slope compensation mode is employed it adds extra distance compensation to ensure even better accuracy.  The Pro X2 is equipped with an adjustable eyepiece (+/- 2 Diopter Adjustment) that allows you to focus the display relative to the image. You simply rotate the eyepiece until the display is in focus.

What Don’t Like About The Best Golf Rangefinder

The Price

Really the only thing that could put some people off is the price. But remember with The Bushnell Pro X2 you’re getting a top class professional feature packed product that’s designed to last. The price is around $450, but that gives you a reliable golfing rangefinder you can use for a very long time.  Also, the Pro X2 golf laser rangefinder comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Bushnell also offers a trade-up scheme where users can trade in older models for newer ones. In the end, you really get what you pay for.

Our Verdict

The Bushnell Pro X2 has a sleek design, and feature packed with a rubber armoured metal waterproof housing, It’s durable in case you drop it, even in water. Having the slope switch mode is great for competitive golf practice rounds, then simply switching it off for tournaments making it legal.

Overall, the Pro X2 is accurate, packed with technology, lightweight to carry around in your bag and a product that will last a very long time.  This is a premium golf rangefinder made by Bushnell and for our money outshines the competition. It’s also our best golf rangefinder choice of 2017.

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