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NIKON ACULON Rangefinder Review AL11 Top World-Class Performance

This NIKON ACULON Rangefinder Review features one of the most popular mid-range rangefinders. It has hundreds of positive reviews.  Also, It is ideal for mid-range gun, rifle and bow hunting up to say 300 yards. The TRUE maximum range is specified at 550 yards. In the real field we know conditions and size of target dictate the practical range.

Nikon’s Quality Optics

Nikon has a reputation for quality optics the ACULON is a fast laser rangefinder. It incorporates a class 1 laser with power never exceeding .0975 milliwatts. The specified measurement range 6-550 yards. 

The ACULON AL11 Rangefinder also has 6x magnification and a 20mm objective lens. It’s multilayer coated optics are designed to provide a maximum light transfer with minimum reflection.  The result is a more clear and natural view due to low light loss from reflection while giving better long eye relief.

Designed For Portability

Nikon ACULON Rangefinder compact sizeThe Nikon ACULON Rangefinder really is a compact piece of kit and is pocket size at (3.6”x2.9”x1.5”).  It is about the size of a modern smartphone and you could easily wear it around your neck without noticing its weight because it weighs just 4.4 ounces (without batteries).

User-Friendly Operation

Operating the ACULON AL11 Rangefinder is so simple.  Push the ranging button for instant distance reading. You can scan the visible target zone by holding the ranging button down. In this position the rangefinder gives a continuous range reading for up to 20 seconds. The clear display is great, uncluttered and leaves you free to focus on the object you’re ranging. After eight seconds of inactivity, the ACULON powers down to save battery.

Distant Target Priority Mode

Reticle View NIKON ACULON Rangefinder ReviewNikon ACULON Rangefinder is programmed to choose the furthest of what would be a split reading when there are more than one ranged objects in the rangefinders line of sight view.  Because of this, the Distant Target Priority Mode is very useful if the object being measured is partially obscured by tree branches, bushes etc.

Accuracy & Speed

For hunters, it’s very important that a rangefinder is quick to resolve a target with speed. The ACULON AL11 Rangefinder actually produces an accurate range from 6 yards to its maximum as soon as you push the button. The display measurements are shown in 1 yard/meter increments. When you’re in a hurry you’ll have an instant precise reading to depend on.

Nikon ACULON Rangefinder Review – Main Features

nikon aculon

  • Single Button Operation
  • Ultra-Compact Size
  • Quoted 6 to True 550-yard ranging ability
  • Distant Target Priority Mode
  • Displays in 1-yard/meter Increments
  • Multilayer-Coated Optics for clear view
  • Fast easy-view uncluttered LCD display
  • Long Eye Relief
  • Water Resistant/Rainproof

Nikon ACULON Rangefinder Verdict

The ACULON rangefinder price is a bargain. It is a top seller on Amazon and receives heaps of good end user reviews. In this NIKON ACULON AL 11 Rangefinder Review, thus we conclude it offers an affordable, lightweight, compact speedy and accurate no nonsense rangefinder. Perfect for the mid-range gun, rifle and bow hunting and a competitive price.

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